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Lost the grip on reality...

Things will never be the same

The one who flys with fairies
6 April
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Hello, this is the journal of me2ujus4free. Obvious you clicked on my profile, because of my seer awesomeness. By awesome I mean shitty. All that I can tel you about is that I'm a slash writer. Surprise, surprise. I am an aspiring author who would love to write for the fantasy and science fiction genres, but for now I am writing slash fanfiction. The fandoms that I will write are varied, but will mostly be Japanese fandoms. I watch may too much anime and read too many comics. Does this make me an anime geek? No, I'm an equal opportunity geek.

I'm an Ares who was born in the year of the monkey. Which one is my business, but will tell you that I'm old enough to remember Samurai Pizza Cats. While, I don't believe in horoscopes, I do believe in the zodiac.

Likes: Lesbians driving hybrids, fantasy novels, sci-fi novels, sporkings, anime, eyes, fire, the smell of cigarette smoke on clothing, bon chicka wan wan, sleep, curry, Vicodin, chicken, bleach, bleepka, chicken of the sea, desu, pimpmobiles, Mudkips, Dobby, sleeping pants with frogs on them and pockets, and chilies.

Dislikes: Diabeetus, PETA, and tomatoes.

ArthurDent pities da foo Aziraphale

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